This video was filmed via the NYC Campaign Finance Board.  It was very early in my run and so contains more general ideas and basic beliefs.  Not so many specifics but the kind of ifo you would want to know about someone representing you.  I hope it helps with your decision.


This video is by Sam Pirozzolo for his RightBitesTV internet show.  Sam is one of the founders of the Ronald Reagan Conservative Club.  Nevertheless, I know Sam for about a year and half ago since he put the giant “T” on his lawn. Talked to him afterwards that day, and several time since. We certainly have very strong and differing political views but that does NOT mean we cannot have a civil and enjoyable converstaion. Watch how the interview goes



Here I am talking at the Candidates Forum held by the South Beach Civic Association. (Oct 5)  Thanks, Joe and Ro McCallister.

This forum was meant specifically for City Council Candidates in Mid-Island including Steve Matteo – who,. surprise, surprise, did not show up. He is now 0-for-3.

In any case in this clip I talk about some of the reasons I am running.



This is a clip from my nomination speech discussing my “Peaceable Assemblies” and the importance I place on COMMUNICATION between the left and the Right.