To-Do List

How many things are there to-do on Staten Island to deal with our on-going problems?  I’m sure you’ve heard most of them from your family, co-workers, newspapers, elected officials… Besides all these sources I have always made it a point to reach out to people of all political views and backgrounds. Although we may disagree on some basic ideologies, when it comes to the problems we all face in this fair boro of ours – there is just not that much disagreement.

Over-development, impossible traffic, and lack of good public transit are always near the top of the list. Other issues also come up all the time: taxes / tolls., regs on small businesses, and most sadly the increase in opioid deaths. Lack of a public hospital on Staten Island

All of them are important. I focus on over-development and traffic / transportation; as an engineer I believe my well-honed technical skills can be best used in those areas. I hve thoughs and opinions on all of other issues as well, but for those I will look for those in and out of government doing the most alleviate them and try to join with them and lend assistance as best I can.

Those that I will look towards most often and most directly will be my consituents. They are in fact my bosses. But, of course, note that there are 170,000 of you and one of me plus my staff – and what I can do to get action from the agencies and money from the budget. Whatever I do I will always try to make sure it is what you want.

And since there are 170,000 of you that will take no small amount of communication, and not just bettween you and me – but between you and your neighbors.  It will be one of my top priorities to arrange meeting space, o this can happen in every neighborhood.  We have to do a better job of Communication – real, long-term progrees depnds on it.

In addition to the BIG there are the numerous day-to-day problems that come to a Coincil. Potholes to be filled, roads repaved, garbage pick-up