They don’t call it “running” for office for no reason.  Although I moslty settle into a reasonable pace – much slower than running, or even brisk walking.  People have always said I walk slow – but it ‘s the better to enjoy the day.

Much of my ‘free’ time is spent l walking around neighborhoods, stopping in stores and talking to people one on one. I do hope I’ll run into you personally on one of my ‘strolls’.  If you have any particualr area you think has lively sidewalk foot traffic – let me know when – and we can ‘accidentally’- meet there and do some meeting and greeting.together.


In addition  there are also the many groups, forums, meetings, fairs and other gatherings that I try to go to, either on my own initiative or by invitation.  It is these in particular that I have posted on this page as “EVENTS”.  Most of them are open to all and free or modest cost.  Try to make at least one of them.


As a former Math Professor, at DeVry for a few years and someone who has done countless hours of training for all manner of personnel on the job, for partricular skills or safety or getting State Licenses I am very comfortable in that kind of environment.  I particularly like answering questions – as then I know for sure my audience is interested.


OK, so then here goes, just below is my schedule of events as I know it now.  Check back once in a while as i will be adding things as they come up


OCTOBER12: THURSDAY, 7PM in Great Kills











OCTOBER 12, SATURDAY:10 AM in RichmondTown











 OCTOBER 15, SUNDAY 2PM in New Dorp










OCTOBER 17, TUESDAY 7AM, Perkins Restaurant
1409 Hylan Blvd

New Dorp Networking, Breakfast


OCTOBER 17, TUESDAY 7pm in The Staaten

New York State Women’s Forum, Candidates Forum

The hosts tell me that Matteo has been invited. Let’s see if he shows up.

OCTOBER 20, New Dorp, 7pm, Moravian Church 

(see map; enter from Tost Hill Road)

American Legion Candidates forum.  Matteo invited.  Will he show???








OCTOBER 26, Thursday, 7pm +/-   Grasmere
Bocelli’s Restaurant
Italian Candidates Forum

Will he show???