Florentino For City Council

I’m Rich Florentino and I am seeking your approval to be the next City Councilman for Mid-Island.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.


I am thoroughly enjoying this campaign.  As Jim Oddo once said to me,  “You’re the guy who talks to everybody”.  To which I replied, “Yep, that would be me.”


I hope we get a chance to meet during the campaign.My schedule appears under EVENTS (click above).   And in an administration of mine I will go out of my way to reach out to all residents of Mid-Island on issues that matter as we make our way through the next four years.


I am a retired engineer and professor; I love dealing with challenges, and interacting with people – talking, learning, asking, questioning, explaining and working out the best way to go. .


Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the info I have provided here and by the way take note of the “Donate” button on each page.   🙂


Rich Florentino